This is a strategic moment in Manhattan’s history.


Decisions we make now will determine who we become as a city, as well as who we attract. In order to thrive, it’s time to focus on three essential strategies:


Manhattan must be the kind of inviting, affordable, competitive community that will attract and retain the globally talented. Manhattan’s quality of place will become magnetic to our next generation’s workforce and businesses we hope to attract by maintaining the beauty and standards of our homes and neighborhoods, ensuring housing is accessible and affordable for everyone, especially our young workforce, expanding and supporting public transit, as well as bike and pedestrian transportation and allowing for development of density in places where people can live, work and play.


We have a committed workforce in Manhattan we must retain by providing them with the quality of life that makes life in Manhattan enjoyable and sustainable. As we look ahead to Manhattan’s future, we know that our next generation’s workforce is choosing where to live before choosing where to work. This means the globally talented can live anywhere in the world – we want them in Manhattan. Quality of place investments are essential as we seek to attract and retain the next generation’s workforce.


As our workforce grows and our talent pool strengthens, we draw in companies and businesses looking to hire them. Effective and sustained economic development creates prosperity and opportunity for everyone, and it is the result of drawing in people, dollars and business to our community from around the world.